We are currently experiencing a driver shortage that is affecting the region.  As a result, there may be intermittent reductions in service frequency.  We understand that many residents rely on our service for school drop-off and pick up, so we made arrangements to ensure that there is no disruption in service schedule during those times.  Please check the Community Shuttles website or the Tripshot app for up-to-date information on shuttle service frequency.  We apologize for any inconvenience the staffing problem may have caused you, but please be assured that we are working diligently to correct this issue as soon as possible.

Mountain View
Community Shuttle

The Mountain View Community Shuttle is free for everybody. Shop, visit the library, eat, go to a museum, movie theater, or local park, see your doctor/dentist … do anything you want to do.

Designed for your convenience, you can board a shuttle at one of 50 stops throughout town weekdays, 7AM to 7PM and weekends & holidays, 10AM to 6PM.

Whisman/Dana Pilot Update:
In the month of August 2022, the average daily usage (boarding and alighting) for the Whisman/Dana Pilot stop was 6 passengers per day. With a total monthly usage of 184, this stop represents 0.5% of the total monthly usage (all stops).

We are currently experiencing a driver shortage that is affecting the region. As a result, there will be intermittent reductions in service frequency on Thursday, September 22. See the schedule at http://mvcommunityshuttle.com/reduced-schedule

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, the Red Route will operate on a reduced frequency this morning, September 21, only operating the trips that begin at the top of the hour.

The Mountain View Community Shuttle is provided by the Mountain View Transportation Management Association in partnership with the City of Mountain View, Google and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.


Five all-electric, 16-seat blue-and-white shuttle vehicles, all equipped with a wheelchair lift, space for two wheelchairs, two exterior bicycle racks, and free Wi-Fi onboard.



A total of 50 stops, including the downtown transit center, Whisman and Middlefield roads, Rengstorff Park, and the Senior Center, form a loop around the city.



Shuttles run seven days a week: Weekdays, every 30 minutes from 7AM to 7PM. Weekends & holidays, every hour from 10AM to 6PM.




To reduce the number of vehicles on the road and to provide Mountain View residents with a convenient and green way to get around town.


ADA-compliant; wheelchair accessible.



Electric Vehicles
Be green, breathe clean.

Free Wi-Fi
Free for all riders.



Bike Racks
Load your bike and come aboard!